Can moderate cervicitis become cancerous?

The incidence of cervicitis is very high, for example. Because women suffer from cervicitis, they will have abnormal leucorrhea. Therefore, when female friends find that their leucorrhea is abnormal, they should pay attention to it and go to the hospital for examination in time. So, will moderate cervicitis become cancerous?

Moderate cervicitis is usually not cancerous, but women still need active treatment after suffering from cervicitis. If left unchecked, moderate inflammation will be aggravated, and it will easily turn into severe cervical inflammation. This will not only increase the difficulty of treatment, but also cause greater harm to health.

When a friend suffers from cervicitis, it can easily affect fertility. Because when the cervix is inflamed, inflammatory secretions will appear, which is not conducive to the survival and activity of sperm. Therefore, it will reduce the pregnancy rate of women, and may even lead to infertility of women.

If there is inflammation in the cervix, if it is not treated in time, it will not only lead to the aggravation of the disease, but also may spread the inflammation to other tissues, such as appendages and pelvic cavity. It is easy for women to suffer from adnexitis and pelvic inflammatory disease. After suffering from cervicitis, abnormal symptoms of leucorrhea will appear. Therefore, when people find abnormal leucorrhea color and smell, they need to check immediately, and go to the hospital as soon as possible to do a routine leucorrhea.

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