Can my wife and husband go out to attend the wedding?

Some good husbands will stay with their wives until they leave the confinement, and they will stay with their wives and children except when they go to work, but husbands also have time to socialize. So, can husbands who are confined to the confinement go out to attend the wedding?

My husband can attend the wedding while his wife is on confinement, and he can’t drink while attending the wedding. He should go home as soon as possible after attending the wedding. Although my wife will be angry, but the most basic world still needs to move around, she will understand her husband. As long as the husband ensures that he will not get drunk at the wedding, he will still have a frail wife when he comes home, and he will need to take care of the baby who is not sensible.

Some mothers who have given birth to babies for confinement are weak, and they will feel dizzy during confinement. If this happens, they need the attention of their husbands, so they can choose not to attend the wedding, so as to prevent no one at home from rescuing them after an accident happened to their wives.

During the confinement period, the postpartum mother’s body is weak. During this period, she needs someone to accompany her at home all the time. At the same time, she should also pay attention to keeping her mood in good condition. There are many postpartum mothers suffering from depression after childbirth. At this time, she needs the family’s company and enlighten her. Her husband also needs to accompany her wife. Don’t make her angry, so as to avoid depression.

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