Can myopic people have bulging eyes?

Nowadays, because of the appearance of electronic products, many people are short-sighted. Myopia has a great influence on our daily life. Sometimes we need to wear glasses to see things clearly, so do people with myopia have bulging eyes?

Under normal circumstances, people with myopia will not have bulging eyes. The reason why people with myopia sometimes see exophthalmos is that the degree of eyes will increase and the axis of eyes will increase continuously after wearing glasses, so the eyeballs of people with high myopia look like exophthalmos. It is necessary to re-select a suitable pair of glasses to wear, and at the same time, the eyes should rest regularly to avoid increasing the degree.

If people with high myopia, in order to facilitate their daily life and their family conditions are OK, they can choose to do myopia surgery, which can restore their normal eyesight and make them see more clearly. If you don’t want to be afraid of surgery, you can only take good care of your eyes, avoid excessive fatigue of your eyes, and prevent you from reading or watching your mobile phone at night.

If you need to use your eyes for a long time because of your work or study, you need to close your eyes for a rest every half hour or so, or go outside to see more flowers and trees, especially green plants, which can help relieve eye fatigue and avoid further myopia.

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