Can O-leg correction surgery have sequelae?

Nowadays, almost all babies wear diapers for a certain period of time after birth, and some parents sometimes still wear diapers for their babies after they can walk for convenience. This will easily lead to the development and deformation of the baby’s legs, resulting in O-legs. So, will O-leg corrective surgery have sequelae?

Normally, if you have had O-leg correction surgery, you may have some sequelae. However, the specific post-operative sequelae will vary from person to person. Some patients may occasionally feel faint pain at osteotomy after corrective surgery. And usually, patients can’t carry out high-intensity exercise and load in a certain period of time after surgery.

Generally speaking, as long as it is an operation, there will be certain risks. However, O-leg correction surgery is a relatively mature orthopedic surgery for current medical means. Usually, before the operation, the doctor will evaluate the patient’s physical condition, and then carry out the corresponding corrective surgery, which will try to minimize the risk of postoperative sequelae.

Patients must be cared for after corrective surgery, so as to avoid some post-operative sequelae and even affect the post-operative effect. If postoperative care is not appropriate, patients may develop osteoarthritis in later life.

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