Can O-legs run?

Leg shape can determine a person’s image, especially for women, it is everyone’s wish to have a pair of beautiful legs. However, in daily life, some bad habits often lead to changes in body shape. O-legs are common, so can O-legs run?

In case of abnormal legs, the whole human body is relatively balanced and coordinated when running, and the selling direction is also very important. If it is an O-leg, the overall balance and coordination ability will be poor if it is not corrected before. If you run frequently, it will easily cause muscle damage, and it will also make the O-leg more serious.

People with O-legs usually walk in the outer figure of eight, which is basically exerted by the muscles outside the legs. If they stand for a long time, their knees will not close together, which will give people a different feeling visually.

In daily life, some people are born with bone development, resulting in O-legs. In this case, it is difficult to correct, but if it is affected by acquired factors, it can be corrected by correct methods. After correction, it can be the same as the normal leg shape.

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