Can pelvic inflammatory disease cause fever?

Gynecological diseases are common. When abdominal pain is accompanied by fever, many people are worried about pelvic inflammatory disease, so will pelvic inflammatory disease cause fever?

Severe pelvic inflammatory disease can lead to fever, and besides fever, symptoms such as pain in lower abdomen, soreness in waist and increased secretion will also appear. If women suspect that they are suffering from pelvic inflammatory disease, they need to go to the hospital for examination immediately. After diagnosis, they need to be hospitalized for infusion treatment. Simply taking drugs has little effect.

Pelvic inflammation is an infectious disease occurring in the upper reproductive tract, which mostly occurs in women during the growth period. Because of the severity of inflammation, the specific symptoms are also different. When symptoms such as lower abdominal pain, fever and abnormal vaginal bleeding occur, you should go to the hospital for examination and diagnosis in time. During the treatment, we should rest more and eat liquid food with high protein and high calorie, which is easier to digest and avoid stomach upset.

In addition to pelvic inflammatory disease, there are many gynecological diseases among women. It is best to go to the hospital for physical examination once every six months or once a year if conditions permit. Especially for women who are married or have sex life, they should go to the hospital for physical examination regularly to see how their bodies are doing in all aspects. If you have some gynecological diseases, you can find them at an early stage through physical examination, which makes it easier to treat and avoid further development.

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