Can pelvic inflammatory disease have a fever?

Many women are troubled by pelvic inflammation. After pelvic inflammation, not only will women’s physical health suffer damage, but their normal life will also be affected. If there is no early treatment, it will easily lead to some serious problems. Would you like to ask whether pelvic inflammation will cause fever?

Pelvic inflammatory disease is an inflammatory manifestation caused by bacterial infection. If the infection is serious, it will easily cause the patient’s body temperature to rise and fever symptoms, accompanied by abdominal pain, lumbosacral pain and other symptoms, and a few patients will also have vomiting, nausea and other discomfort symptoms.

Patients with pelvic inflammatory disease should be admitted to hospital for treatment as soon as possible after having fever symptoms, and cooperate with doctors to do anti-inflammatory and anti-infection treatment with antibiotics, so as to effectively control the inflammatory infection in the body and prevent the symptoms from worsening continuously. Only in this way can patients be helped to lower their body temperature, avoid having fever symptoms for a long time, and be helpful to the recovery of their illness.

After the symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease appear in women, they must go to the hospital as soon as possible to receive treatment from doctors, and they should take medicine strictly according to the course of treatment according to the doctor’s instructions, and insist on treatment, so as to effectively control the disease, inhibit the development of the disease, and avoid the recurrence of pelvic inflammation. During treatment, women should also pay attention to personal hygiene, prohibit sexual life, avoid bacteria entering pelvic cavity, avoid affecting the treatment of pelvic inflammatory disease, and prevent the disease from being repeated or aggravated.

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