Can people suffer from acne due to zinc deficiency?

The normal operation of the body depends on the joint action of various substances. If the body lacks certain substances, it may cause some physical problems. For example, the lack of calcium in the human body is not conducive to the growth of the body. Does that person suffer from acne due to zinc deficiency?

People with zinc deficiency will grow acne. Generally speaking, acne is caused by the exuberant secretion of oil from skin. Zinc deficiency in human body will make the secretion system of skin disorder and become abnormal, resulting in exuberant or scarce secretion. Therefore, if acne is more serious, you can go to the hospital for trace element examination. If you find that your body is deficient in zinc, you can supplement zinc in time.

Zinc deficiency in human body will not only make people grow acne, but also make people suffer from low immunity. Therefore, in the usual diet, eat more foods with high zinc content, such as lean meat, chicken, lamb chops, beans, wheat and so on. When food is supplemented with zinc, you can also eat some zinc supplement health products, such as oral liquid.

When acne grows, drink plenty of warm water instead of greasy fried food and try not to eat sweets. Moreover, eat more fruits and vegetables, and eat less food with heavy mouth and more condiments. If acne grows, you should avoid make-up, which can easily cause pore blockage. Remember not to squeeze acne with your hands, because bacteria on your hands will inflame acne. Don’t worry too much about acne, keep your mood cheerful, avoid staying up late and get enough sleep.

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