Can pregnancy progesterone be low and brown secretion still prevent miscarriage?

As we all know, in early pregnancy, women secrete a substance called progesterone. Progesterone can effectively help pregnant women reduce uterine contraction, and can also maintain stability. However, too high or too low a value of progesterone is not conducive to health. So, can low progesterone and brown secretion in pregnancy still prevent miscarriage?

If a woman finds that progesterone is low at the early stage of pregnancy and has already secreted brown secretion, it is necessary to make a judgment according to the results of the examination. If secretion is not particularly high and there is no obvious abdominal pain, it is felt that pregnancy can be prevented. Therefore, it is suggested that if progesterone is low and brown secretion exists, she must see a doctor in time.

Progesterone is lower than usual, and brown secretion is the manifestation of threatened abortion, so we should do B-ultrasound examination in time to observe the position of pregnancy sac. If women’s physical condition allows, and the symptoms are not very obvious, it is recommended to be hospitalized. During this period, it is not conducive to miscarriage prevention to keep a good state of mind.

It is important for women to pay attention to rest during pregnancy, especially in the early pregnancy. At the same time, they should have regular pregnancy check-ups. Any discomfort should not be solved at home. They must go to the hospital in time. Abdominal pain is obvious or brown secretion is a dangerous situation. Therefore, they should be admitted to hospital as soon as possible for abortion treatment.

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