Can pregnant women get deformed when they wear nail polish?

Women’s pursuit of beauty seems to be innate. They not only like to wear fashionable clothes, but also like to wear nail polish. However, nail polish is mostly made of phthalates, pigments, etc. Long-term use will be harmful to human health. So, will pregnant women get deformed when wearing nail polish?

Nail polish and most cosmetics contain a substance called phthalate. The absorption of this substance by human body is very harmful to human health, and at the same time, it is easy to cause miscarriage of pregnant women, and the children born may also be deformed. Therefore, it is best for pregnant or lactating women not to use cosmetics, or cosmetics containing the words “phthalate esters”, and of course, nail polish should not be used.

Phthalate ester is a kind of substance that can easily cause genital deformity, which can cause congenital infertility of children. Long-term use of cosmetics containing this substance will hinder the function of androgen and cause serious consequences.

For the sake of safety, it is better for pregnant women not to wear nail polish. If it is necessary to apply, please try to avoid using nail polish with red pigment, and choose nail polish with big brand. In addition, apply it for up to five days a week, and leave it for two days to give your nails a holiday and get some air.

In addition, remember not to take food directly after applying nail polish, and know that the chemicals on nail polish will react with food to some extent, which is not conducive to the healthy development of the body.

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