Can pregnant women have cats at home?

In fact, many girls now prefer to keep small pets to accompany them, and they feel particularly self-healing. After marriage, these pets are accompanied by them. However, after pregnancy, many elders may worry that these pets will have an impact on the fetus, so they will advise pregnant women to send their pets away, and many pregnant women are also very entangled in this. Can pregnant women have cats at home?

In fact, cats can be kept at home during pregnancy. Although many people are worried that the bacteria carried by pets will affect the fetus, in fact, many people now pay more attention to their hygiene when they keep pets at home, and they will also take them to have physical examinations regularly, so they are generally clean. Therefore, it is only necessary to ensure that the pet does not carry germs, which will not affect the normal situation of pregnancy.

The reason why many people don’t recommend keeping cats is that they are afraid of some more unexpected situations. For example, if pregnant women are exposed to food infected by pets, they may be infected with bacteria, which may affect the placenta. However, such situations are usually relatively rare, but in order to prevent them, it is necessary to do a good job of prevention in case of raising cats.

For example, in the cat’s diet, if it is meat, it must be cooked. Besides, it is necessary to take the cat for examination during pregnancy preparation, especially in terms of hygiene.

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