Can pregnant women have fever and take medicine affect their fetuses?

Women’s physical resistance will decline during pregnancy, especially when it is warm and cold. Some pregnant women do not pay attention to adding clothes or keeping warm, which will easily lead to fever. So will pregnant women have fever and take medicine affect their fetuses?

If a pregnant woman takes some antipyretic drugs, but the drugs are mainly traditional Chinese medicine or proprietary Chinese medicine, the impact on the fetus is not particularly great. However, if you take some western medicines or antibiotics, it will have a certain impact on the fetus.

For pregnant women, if they show signs of illness, they must go to the local hospital and take medication under the doctor’s instructions. If you have taken the medicine on your own and are worried about some abnormalities in your fetus, it is recommended to have a check-up during pregnancy. Especially in the first 36 weeks of pregnancy, a related examination should be conducted every four weeks, so as to know the development of fetus in time.

How do pregnant women get rid of fever?

1. measure body temperature. When pregnant women have fever, they should first measure their body temperature. If the temperature does not exceed 38.5℃, some physical cooling methods can be adopted to achieve the purpose of reducing fever. However, if the temperature exceeds 38.5℃, it should be taken under the doctor’s instruction.

2. Physical cooling. The so-called physical cooling mainly includes wiping with alcohol, placing some ice cubes on the forehead, or using antipyretic stickers, etc.

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