Can pregnant women smell alcohol all the time?

For any expectant mother, during pregnancy, she will be careful for fear that if she does something wrong or inappropriate, it will affect her child’s development and growth. So will it affect pregnant women to smell alcohol all the time?

During pregnancy, women often smell alcohol, which will definitely affect the fetus. Because the smell emitted from the wine is called alcohol, the wine itself contains a certain amount of alcohol, and it is very volatile. If you often smell the wine, you are drinking in disguise. Therefore, women often smell alcohol during pregnancy, which is extremely unfavorable to fetal development.

What should I pay attention to before pregnancy?

1. relieve stress. For women during pregnancy, they must relax their mentality, otherwise the bad mood will not only affect their own health, but also break the excellent pregnancy environment. In addition, long-term stress can also lead to a significant decline in the probability of pregnancy.

2. Change living habits. In daily life, some women always have the habit of staying up late to smoke or drink, but they must get rid of all these bad habits during pregnancy. Only in this way can we create a good living environment for the baby, so that the baby born will be healthier.

3. Physical examination. Before preparing for pregnancy, you must have a relevant understanding of your body. If you have hypertension or heart disease, you should prepare for pregnancy during the stable period.

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