Can pregnant women suffer from mild heatstroke?

The temperature in summer is usually relatively high, especially in July and August, which is almost the hottest stage in summer. Therefore, if you stay outdoors for a long time, people will feel very uncomfortable, even if ordinary people do, pregnant women will feel even more uncomfortable. If you stay outdoors in a sunny place for a long time, heatstroke may also occur. So, will pregnant women get hot after mild heatstroke?

Generally speaking, mild heat stroke may not cause fever, but the common symptoms of mild heat stroke are sweating, thirst, weakness, dizziness, dizziness, tinnitus, nausea, chest tightness and so on. At this time, if it is transferred to a cool and ventilated place in time, and the heatstroke sufferers are replenished with water in time, they can generally recover in a short time.

If it is moderate heatstroke, the pregnant woman will have fever symptoms, at this time, the body temperature of the pregnant woman can rise to about 39℃ ~40℃, and there will be cold sweat, hot skin, irritability, rapid heartbeat and other symptoms. Timely treatment is needed, mainly to make heatstroke sufferers drink more water, physically cool down and rest for a few hours, and basically they can all return to normal.

Mild heatstroke in pregnant women is not sure whether it will seriously affect the fetus, but if it is severe, it may lead to hypoxia in the fetus. Therefore, in order to avoid affecting the growth and development of the fetus, it is best to have a comprehensive physical examination in the hospital in time.

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