Can pregnant women’s radiation suits be washed?

Electronic products are common in life, but they all contain certain electromagnetic radiation, so pregnant women should take extra precautions to avoid affecting themselves. In order to avoid radiation damage, some pregnant women will wear radiation protection to shield some radiation. However, can pregnant women’s radiation suits be washed?

Pregnant women’s radiation suits can be washed. If they have not been cleaned, they will easily breed bacteria. However, there are many situations that need attention when cleaning. If the fabric is made of metal fibers, it can be washed with tap water. For silver fibers, it should be washed with pure water. Moreover, you can use neutral laundry detergent instead of irritating detergent.

When cleaning radiation protection clothing, pregnant women should be as light as possible. They should not brush with a brush or use a washing machine. The material in radiation protection clothing is special. If you rub it hard or wash it directly by machine, it is easy to destroy the ingredients. Don’t wring it out after cleaning, just air it directly, and hang it in a ventilated place indoors.

No matter what kind of radiation protection clothing is made of, it can’t be exposed to the sun, so as to avoid oxidation and reduce its shielding effect. Only by using the correct cleaning method can it avoid being affected. When you don’t wear it at ordinary times, you should pay attention to maintaining the radiation protection clothing, which can be packed in a sealed bag. When purchasing radiation protection clothing, you’d better choose one with quality assurance.

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