Can scars give birth to two treasures?

After a woman gives birth to a baby by caesarean section, besides leaving scars in her stomach, there will also be scars in her uterus, so it takes a long time to recover before the woman can recover. During this period, she must listen to the doctor’s instructions and let her body return to the pre-pregnancy state. So can scar uterus give birth to two treasures?

Scar uterus can give birth to two treasures after it returns to normal. Under normal circumstances, doctors will advise women to recover for at least two years. If they are pregnant too early, it will not only cause premature birth, but also easily lead to serious consequences such as massive bleeding. Contraceptive measures should be taken after childbirth to prevent premature pregnancy.

Women with scarred uterus need to wait until the scar is fully restored to health. If the recovery is not good, it will take a long time. If you want to know the recovery of uterus, you can do B-ultrasound to find out. Only when the doctor tells you that you are pregnant can you ensure the health of your baby and pregnant woman.

If you want to prevent scars from appearing in the uterus, women can give birth naturally, and try to choose to give birth naturally, which can make the body recover faster. Once cesarean section is performed, the second child also needs cesarean section, which will make women’s uterus undergo surgery again. The uterus is very important for women’s health. When there are problems in the uterus, it will not only affect women’s pregnancy, but even affect women’s normal life.

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