Can sensitive skin tattoo eyebrows?

Women love beauty very much, and most women wear makeup before going out. Nowadays, the beauty technology is relatively developed, and many women can do eyebrow tattooing, which can be done once and for all, instead of painting eyebrows every day, and the tattooed eyebrows are more beautiful than those painted by themselves. So, can sensitive skin tattoo eyebrows?

Sensitive skin is not suitable for eyebrow tattooing, because eyebrow tattooing is a destructive cosmetic method. Moreover, when the eyebrow is tattooed, the skin will be punctured and some pigments will be injected. After the skin is punctured, there will be pain, which may cause inflammation and infection of the wound. If it belongs to sensitive skin, it will be difficult to bear the stimulation and injury from outside, and the adverse symptoms will be magnified many times here.

Pigments or metal elements will be injected during eyebrow tattoo, which will irritate the skin. For sensitive skin, the irritation will be very great, which will not only easily destroy the cell tissue of the skin, but even destroy the defense layer of the skin, which will easily lead to pathological changes and may suffer from sepsis. It will also damage the nerves and tiny blood vessels of the skin near the eyebrows, which will easily affect the health of the eyes.

People with sensitive skin must be careful if they want to tattoo their eyebrows. After eyebrow tattooing, it is easy to have allergic symptoms, and scars may be left, so we should consider it carefully.

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