Can shrink dumbbells be used every day?

After a woman gives birth to a child, her vagina will relax, and when she gets older, it will also make her vagina relax. Vaginal relaxation will certainly affect the effect of sharing a room. In order to shrink yin, many women will use dumbbells for shrinking yin. The appearance of shrinking dumbbells is like dumbbells in sports equipment. Can shrinking dumbbells be used every day?

It takes a long time to recover the pelvic floor muscle function, and generally it can be used every day. In fact, the dumbbell for shrinking yin is a kind of sports equipment, not a drug, and it will not have side effects, so you can use it with confidence. It is best to use it twice a day, and the vagina will slowly recover and shrink. With the help of the dumbbell, women’s vagina has contractive force and sucking ability. When having sex, the vagina can be contracted and clamped at will, which can greatly improve the sexual life quality of both parties.

Shrinking dumbbells can help the muscles in the vagina to tighten, restore the grip on the penis, increase the lubrication in the vagina, shorten the sensitivity of improving sex, and increase the intensity of orgasm.

For elderly women, shrinking the barbell can also reduce the leakage of urine caused by the relaxation of vaginal muscles. If the situation is not serious, it can be treated instead of surgery, thus reducing unnecessary pain on the body caused by surgery.

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