Can shrinking dumbbells really shrink?

As we all know, our hip muscles can be exercised by dumbbells. With the improvement of people’s living materials, people’s requirements for body building are getting higher and higher. Postpartum body-building projects aiming at postpartum body building have also flourished. Among them, many postpartum women will ask, can the dumbbell really shrink yin?

First of all, postpartum vaginal relaxation is because the pelvis was opened during pregnancy, but it did not recover, and the pelvic floor muscles relaxed. Many women may choose to take medicine or have surgery to solve this problem after delivery, but in fact, there is a kind of dumbbell which can help women solve this problem. Many people may not have heard of it, but the shrinking ball is also called the shrinking yoga ball, which can be placed in the vagina to exercise your sphincter and enhance the flexibility of the inner wall of the vagina and pelvic floor muscles. Help women exercise the inner wall muscles of their vagina. The best effect is to use it 2 to 3 months after giving birth. Women in need can use it under the guidance of doctors and follow the doctor’s advice.

Secondly, for postpartum vaginal contraction, it is recommended that puerpera do Kegel exercise, which aims at the tension of pelvic floor muscles. If you practice during pregnancy, you can help the mother push the baby out of the birth canal when she gives birth. Postpartum exercises are beneficial to the recovery of pelvic cavity. Finally, pregnant women can go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination of pelvic floor function 42 days after delivery, because the degree of relaxation of pelvic floor muscles of women after natural delivery will lead to stress urinary incontinence with the increase of age, and will seriously develop to uterine prolapse.

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