Can sneezing be rhinitis?

Sneezing is a common normal physiological phenomenon, but some patients will sneeze all the time, and then they will wonder if they are suffering from some diseases. So can sneezing be rhinitis?

Sneezing in daily life is not necessarily caused by rhinitis, but it can’t be ruled out that it is caused by this phenomenon. The specific reasons are as follows:

1. Physiological phenomena. For example, sneezing may be caused by smelling some irritating smells in life or being cold 空, but this phenomenon can be effectively alleviated or disappeared as long as it leaves the irritating smell.

2. Pathological phenomena. For example, the patient smells some exciting smells in daily life or suffers from cold 空, but when he leaves this environment, he still sneezes, so he should consider the problem caused by rhinitis.

In this case, it is caused by pathological reasons. It is recommended that patients go to the local otolaryngology department for treatment in time, and check whether there are congestion and edema through nasal endoscopy.

3. Allergic reaction. Some patients sneeze, mainly because they are exposed to dust, mites, powder or pollen. And there will be some red spots and acne on the body. In this case, sneezing caused by allergic reaction cannot be ruled out.

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