Can ten-year stretch marks be removed?

The gradual improvement of living standards also makes female friends pay more attention to maintaining their health. At this time, we also want to remove the stretch marks left by previous pregnancy. But I don’t know what method can achieve the purpose of removing old stretch marks. So, can the stretch marks of these 10 years be removed?

Stretch marks are mainly caused by the enlargement of waist, abdomen and thighs during pregnancy, which leads to the thinning of skin layer, while elastic fibers will break, thus forming some striated scars. Stretch marks are mostly formed in seven or eight months of pregnancy, especially in the waist and abdomen and inner thighs.

However, the occurrence of stretch marks will gradually decrease after delivery, but it will not disappear completely. It can be said that this is the confirmation left by women’s pregnancy. If you want to remove stretch marks for 10 years, you can’t get rid of them completely.

However, through some means and methods, these old stretch marks can still be reduced moderately. For example, they can be scarred by photon rejuvenation or laser, and they should be combined with usual maintenance, appropriate massage and diet conditioning, which can eliminate stretch marks and play a good role in reducing and weakening.

However, remember that no matter which method you use, you must protect your skin’s health and avoid using unsafe measures or methods to remove scars, which may harm your health.

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