Can the birthmark laser be done on the face?

Many people have birthmarks, but some people’s birthmarks grow in inconspicuous places, so they can do nothing. However, some people’s birthmarks grow on their faces, which seriously affects their beauty and must be removed. I heard that laser can go to birthmark, so I want to know the birthmark on my face. Can laser do it?

Laser birthmark removal is very effective, but not all birthmarks can be removed. Generally, black and red birthmarks are easier to remove, while cyan birthmarks are not so easy to remove. The birthmark on the face is not easy to remove due to delicate skin, and even if it is treated, it will leave scars. If the late nursing is not good, it is possible to leave scars.

When laser birthmarks are removed, they can’t be removed at one time. Because the skin’s bearing capacity is limited, only a small amount of pigment can be removed at a time, and then several courses of treatment can be taken. If people want to get rid of the birthmark completely, they need to be patient and wait until the affected part heals before proceeding to the next treatment. Even if it is done, it may leave scars because of the skin’s insufficient bearing capacity. Therefore, it is recommended that people go to a professional plastic surgery hospital when doing birthmarks, and the effect will be better.

The removal of birthmarks is related to color, location and size, and the cost of each hospital varies. It is suggested that people should not listen to advertisements, but go to several plastic surgery hospitals to inquire about them, and find a professional hospital with long time to set up hospitals and experienced doctors. Generally, if the post-nursing effect is good, it will not affect the beauty.

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