Can uremia give birth to children?

Kidney is an important organ, which can filter out toxins in the body. If you have uremia, it means that your kidneys have lost their ability to filter. Uremia is a very serious disease, which must be actively treated with drugs to prolong the survival time. So, can women have children with uremia?

Women suffering from uremia cannot have children, because if they suffer from uremia, many toxins will accumulate in their bodies, and renal hypertension will also occur. Therefore, many drugs must be used for treatment, and it is absolutely impossible to stop taking them, and these drugs will harm the fetus.

Women taking uremic drugs during pregnancy will lead to abnormal fetal growth and development. In addition, uremic patients have abnormal metabolism, so there are a lot of toxins, which will also affect fetal development. Therefore, if a woman suffering from uremia is pregnant, it is not only easy to abort, but also may have fetal malformation and other problems.

If women suffer from uremia, they should not only take drugs for a long time, but also have dialysis treatment regularly, such as hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Patients with uremia should control their water intake at ordinary times, because excessive drinking water will increase the burden on the kidneys, which in turn will aggravate their illness. At ordinary times, patients should choose to drink plain boiled water, and drink it slowly, and never drink too much.

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