Can vitamin C go to acne marks?

Although there are no acne on my face, many acne marks are left behind. Acne and acne marks will affect the beauty of the skin, and it will be very uncomfortable to look at yourself. In order to get rid of the acne marks on my face, I also thought of various ways, but the effect was not particularly obvious. Can vitamin c get rid of acne marks?

Many people will use vitamin C to remove acne marks, which can indeed remove acne marks. However, it is hard to say what kind of effect can be achieved, which varies from person to person. If you want to use vitamins to remove acne marks, you should first crush vitamin C and put it in water. After washing your face every time, you can spray this water on your face and pat it gently with your hands.

If you don’t want to get acne, you must take measures to prevent acne at ordinary times. Some people have acne because they like to eat hot pot, hot pepper and so on. Eating too spicy food for a long time will stimulate the skin to grow acne. Eat as many light meals as possible, so as to be beneficial to skin health and avoid acne.

In addition, we should do a good job of personal skin cleaning at ordinary times. When removing makeup, you must completely remove makeup. Don’t leave cosmetics on the skin, as long time will lead to pore blockage and acne. Don’t always touch your face with your hands. Your hands are very dirty, which will bring bacteria to your face.

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