Can vitamin C whiten?

As the saying goes, one white covers three ugliness. For many girls, they all want to be beautiful. So in order to stay young, many girls will use skin care products. Can vitamin C whiten?

First, can vitamin C whiten the skin?

Yes, first of all, because vitamin C has a very good antioxidant effect, it can effectively interfere with the formation of melanin, so it can help whitening to a certain extent. Therefore, the whitening effect can be obtained by smearing the face or ingesting vitamin C ..

Second, what are the tips for whitening?

1. Pay attention to sun protection.

If you want to make yourself white, you must first stop tanning at the source, so whenever you go out, you need to do enough sun protection. If you accidentally get sunburned, you should also do a good job of repairing after sunburn, so as to help whiten your skin.

2. Refuse to stay up late.

Nowadays, many people often go to bed late, but if they want to whiten their skin, they must stay up early and get up early, because melatonin will be secreted when they sleep at night, which will help improve their skin. Therefore, going to bed early every night for beauty sleep is also very good for skin.

3. Adhere to skin care.

If you want to have watery and fair skin, you can choose some whitening products. If the skin is sensitive, you should pay special attention when choosing. Products with natural ingredients will be more suitable.

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