Can vitamin E dilute acne marks?

Many people don’t pay special attention when they grow acne in adolescence, and the method of acne removal is wrong, which leads to a lot of acne marks on their faces. These acne marks seriously lower the face value, so they will constantly look for ways to remove acne marks. So can vitamin E fade acne marks?

Vitamin E is one of the trace elements in human body, which can resist free radicals on the face, thus reducing the damage to skin, and at the same time, it can form melanin and decompose melanin quickly. Spot and acne marks are also caused by melanin deposition, so vitamin E can dilute acne marks and brighten skin color.

Acne marks are not formed in a short time, so if you want to remove them, it is impossible to see the effect in a short time, and people need to be psychologically prepared. Vitamin E is mainly moisturizing, and it takes time to decompose melanin. When some small molecules it contains are absorbed by the skin, the acne marks will gradually change from deep to shallow.

In the process of using vitamin E, it can be used together with other skin care products, which can mildly and effectively relieve acne marks, and has a good effect on some less serious and newly left acne marks. You can also add vitamin e to the cosmetics you usually use and smear it on your face, which makes it easier for your skin to absorb vitamin e. 。

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