Can vitamin E dilute acne marks?

Acne on the face is a very distressing thing. Generally, when entering puberty, men and women will have acne on their faces. There are many factors that cause acne, some of which are acclimatized, and some of which are endocrine disorders. So can vitamin E dilute acne marks?

If the acne marks on your face are short and light in color, you can apply vitamin E, but if the acne marks are deep and have been for many years, even if you use vitamin E, it will be futile and will not have any effect at all. Acne has a lot to do with the law of life, such as staying up late for a long time, improper diet and so on.

Everyone should also pay attention to the fact that face cleaning must be done properly. You can not wash your face with cold water, but with warm water. If conditions permit, you should always put on a hydrating mask. When choosing cosmetics, choose cosmetics that are not greasy and have good hydrating effect, so as to slowly improve the acne marks.

Attention should be paid to diet. Everyone definitely doesn’t want acne marks on their faces all the time. Therefore, when eating spicy food, it is necessary to avoid eating less. It is not forbidden to eat it. Eating some properly has a cosmetic effect. Drink plenty of water in your life, so that your skin won’t be dry. Eat more fruits. Fruits are nutritious and rich in water, which is the best for the skin. Therefore, we should eat more fruits in our daily life, such as cucumbers and apples.

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