Can vitamin E dispel acne marks?

Vitamin E is a trace element favored by women, and is eaten every day, but it cannot be blindly supplemented. Acne marks have become an annoyance for women nowadays. Acne marks have become what most women want to do, but they don’t know how to eliminate them. Therefore, many women choose to eat vitamin E acne marks. Is this really ok?

First of all, vitamin E is a good beauty beauty substance, which has strong antioxidant activity, and can promote skin metabolism and eliminate dull skin stains. It is indeed a good trace element, but it is the best if it is used consistently.

Secondly, vitamin E can enhance the melanin needed by human body, and also enhance the metabolism of melanin, that is, it can remove acne marks on the face. But this is only temporary, and vitamin E also has the function of oily metabolism, that is, dry skin can be used, with the exception of oily skin.

Thirdly, vitamin E has the effect of dissolving grease, but it is possible for oily skin to become ill, and even easy to cause skin diseases. Therefore, it is recommended that people with oily skin use it with caution, and other health products can be used to remove acne marks.

Finally, vitamin E is a better health care product for women, but it is also necessary to distinguish between oily skin and dry skin. I hope that all women should use it carefully and not abuse health care products.

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