Can vitamin E go to acne marks?

Youth is really beautiful, but women always have a lot of troubles during puberty, such as acne on their faces. Some people like to squeeze acne with their hands after seeing it. As a result, many acne marks are left on their faces, so they always think of all the ways to remove acne marks. Can vitamin E remove acne marks? Look at the introduction of the article below.

First of all, vitamin E has a certain effect on removing acne marks. First, break the vitamin E, then squeeze out the grease liquid and smear it on the acne marks, and then massage for a few minutes until the vitamin E is completely absorbed. In this way, the acne marks can be faded slowly.

Secondly, although vitamin E has the effect of removing acne marks, this method is not suitable for everyone, and the effect is relatively slow, and it will not be effective in a short time. Moreover, vitamin E cannot be used on the skin for there may be some side effects, so it is generally enough to apply it once a day.

Finally, it is better to mix vitamin E and vitamin C and smear them on the face for acne removal. Women can smear them once a day. As long as they persist for a long time, they will definitely remove acne marks on women’s faces. It is important to know that vitamin E can penetrate deep into the lower layer of skin, repair damaged skin and restore the skin to its original state, while vitamin C has whitening effect.

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