Can women suffer from acne due to zinc deficiency?

There is no woman who doesn’t want her skin to be smooth. Only when her skin is in good condition can she have more temperament and look more beautiful. However, most women’s skin condition in life is not good, and they are prone to acne, so they are not in the mood to look at their acne all over their faces. Do women suffer from acne due to zinc deficiency?

Zinc plays an important role in the human body. If zinc is deficient, it will lead to vitamin A deficiency in the body, and if vitamin A deficiency, it will affect the differentiation of epithelial cells, thus making people more prone to skin diseases. Therefore, under the condition of long-term zinc deficiency, the human body may indeed cause acne on the face, which is also an important cause of acne in adolescence.

However, women are prone to acne, not only because of zinc deficiency, but also because of endocrine disorders. There are many kinds of hormones in women’s bodies, and these hormones should be kept at a normal level. If these hormone levels are disordered, the physical health will be affected, and the skin condition will decrease accordingly, so it is normal to have acne.

Some women have acne due to the blockage of skin pores, which has a lot to do with long-term makeup without removing makeup or incomplete makeup removal. If you want to keep your skin healthy, you should ensure that your skin pores are normal and your skin breathes normally. If cosmetic residues clog pores, the skin will not breathe normally and acne will grow.

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