Can yoga correct O-legs?

For women, not only looks are very important, but also slender legs are very important. Many women are afraid to wear skirts in summer, for fear of exposing their imperfect legs. Most of these women have O-legs, and they may choose yoga to correct them. Can yoga correct O-legs?

Actually, many women’s O-legs are caused by living habits, such as sitting cross-legged and kneeling and waiting. At this time, the ligaments on the outside of the knee joint will become loose, while the ligaments on the inside of the knee will have a great pulling force, which will pull the calf to rotate inward, thus forming an O-shaped leg. Yoga belongs to aerobic exercise, which can pull the ligaments of the body. Through long-term persistence, it does have the effect of correcting O-legs.

But the premise is that yoga movements must be correct, and it is best to get the guidance from a professional teacher, and then insist on exercising, so as to achieve the ideal effect of correcting the leg shape. If you practice yoga indiscriminately without the teacher’s knowledge, you will not only fail to correct your leg shape, but also aggravate your calf varus and make your leg shape more ugly.

If it is the O-leg of adolescent children, we should pay more attention to the correction of the leg shape. If necessary, we can adopt the method of wearing orthoses to correct the leg shape. But don’t wear it easily. It must be carefully checked and carried out under the guidance of a professional doctor.

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