Can you be poisoned by drinking cold medicine?

Usually, when the season changes, the weather will be hot and cold, and the temperature is different in the morning, middle and evening, which is easy to cause colds. You can go to the pharmacy to buy cold medicines for simple colds. During the period of taking cold medicine, if there is a company party or a friend’s dinner, it is inevitable to drink some wine in such activities. If you take cold medicine, can you drink? Can you be poisoned by drinking cold medicine?

In fact, cold is a common disease. When you take cold medicine while drinking, the ingredients in the medicine will become metabolites, which will increase the pressure of the liver when dealing with metabolites, thus increasing the risk of liver failure. Therefore, don’t take cold medicine after drinking, and avoid drinking when you need to take cold medicine.

Many people are worried that their illness will worsen after a cold, so they will choose to take medicine immediately. However, this method is not desirable. It is best to let their own immune system fight against the cold, so that the body will also produce some anti-virus antibodies and avoid drug resistance.

Many people take medicine after catching a cold, and taking medicine in time and correctly can alleviate the discomfort of the body. However, when taking medicine, we must pay attention to some matters, otherwise it will lead to various disease symptoms and other complications. During taking the medicine, we must pay attention to the taboo of the medicine and pay attention to reasonable rest.

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