Can you check out the drug flow on the same day when you are pregnant?

Although many people now take contraceptive measures when they are in the same room, sometimes some accidents lead to pregnancy. In the face of this situation, most people may choose to abort their children unless they are ready to get married. Because doing surgery is more harmful to the body than taking medicine, many people may choose to take medicine, so the body will recover faster, so can the medicine flow on the same day when pregnancy is detected?

Whether or not the medicine can flow on the day of pregnancy depends mainly on the condition of pregnancy. If the pregnancy sac has been seen in the uterus, but the pregnancy time has not exceeded 49 days, you can choose to flow the medicine immediately in this case. However, if it is an ectopic pregnancy or if it has been pregnant for a long time, it may not be possible to carry out drug flow.

But also need to pay attention to the drug flow, although relatively safe, but there may be massive bleeding, in this case, it may be because of the drug abortion is not complete, at that time, it is necessary to do palace cleaning surgery to clean up the remnants inside the uterus.

Therefore, although the drug flow recovered quickly, the possibility of abortion failure was relatively greater. Therefore, before abortion, you should go to the hospital for a detailed examination to see if you are suitable.

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