Can you do abortion in a week of pregnancy?

At present, some women are infertile because they fail to take safety measures during sexual intercourse, which leads to unwanted pregnancy, so they need abortion. Some women are too pregnant to have induced abortion, which will cause great harm to their bodies. So, can a woman have abortion after a week of pregnancy?

It’s too early to abort a week after pregnancy. At this time, it is necessary to go to the hospital for examination and prepare for abortion in advance. You can’t see the gestational sac within one week of pregnancy, let alone determine the location of the gestational sac, so it is inappropriate to start abortion immediately.

After gynecological examination, screening trichomonas, mold, mycoplasma chlamydia infection, to determine whether there is vaginitis, etc. The cervical canal communicates with the vagina. If you have vaginitis, internal genital infection may occur during pregnancy and abortion. Therefore, gynecological diseases should be checked in advance and treated in time. When the best time for abortion comes, the operation can be performed immediately. Abortion is not only related to women’s fertility, but also causes gynecological diseases such as cervical adhesion. Therefore, the choice of abortion hospital depends on three points: qualification, experts and expenses.

Choose a professional hospital, that is, the most professional gynecological hospital: a general hospital focusing on gynecology and pediatrics. Surgical experts play an important role in the smooth development of abortion.

Unqualified and inexperienced doctors are not only unfamiliar and unprofessional with detailed procedures such as pregnancy sac extraction, but also often unable to cope with emergencies during operation. If the chief physician with more than 30 years’ rich experience operated it himself, the result would be quite different.

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