Can you drink chrysanthemum tea with cold?

Chrysanthemum not only has high value and ornamental value, and is loved by many people, but also has high use value. It occupies a place in traditional Chinese medicine with its effects of clearing heat and improving eyesight, nourishing liver and removing fire. Drinking chrysanthemum tea when catching a cold must have been tried by many cold patients with dry cough and sore mouth, and the treatment effect of chrysanthemum tea on this kind of cold is also very obvious. But some people catch a cold in spring, but drinking chrysanthemum tea doesn’t work. So, can you drink chrysanthemum tea when you catch a cold?

Cold is actually can’t drink chrysanthemum tea. Cold is divided into wind-cold cold and wind-heat cold, while chrysanthemum itself is cold, its taste is slightly bitter, and it has the effect of clearing heat. It is most suitable for treating wind-heat cold, but the cold in the body of cold-cold cold people is already very heavy. If chrysanthemum tea is used to treat it, it will undoubtedly worsen the symptoms of cold.

When catching a cold, we should first distinguish the types of colds. Generally, the colds in summer are mostly wind-heat colds, and patients have headaches, diarrhea, boring fever, etc. At this time, they can drink chrysanthemum tea for treatment.

In response to cold, patients should not drink chrysanthemum tea, but drink brown sugar ginger tea or loquat ginger tea to relieve related symptoms. At the same time, remember, don’t be too tired, don’t bathe frequently, choose a light diet, and strive for time to rest.

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