Can you drink milk when you catch a cold?

Cold, this disease is generally not particularly severe clinical symptoms. However, after catching a cold, it will be very uncomfortable. Some people have a cold that will affect their appetite and become less fond of eating. However, for some liquids, such as porridge, they will have a little craving. Milk is also liquid, and I still want to drink a little when I catch a cold. Then, if you have a cold, can you drink milk?

Cold can drink milk, after all, from the nature of milk, do not belong to greasy food, also is not irritating. From the nutritional point of view, milk is rich in protein, so you can drink milk when you catch a cold, and it is helpful for the recovery of a cold.

There are some aspects to pay attention to when drinking milk after a cold. First of all, drink hot milk instead of ice. If it is milk from milk powder, it is recommended to put more water and less milk powder. Of course, you can’t put honey, sugar and the like into milk, just drink pure milk. It is better to drink milk at intervals of one or two hours before taking medicine.

After a cold, you need to eat some nutritious food, but many patients don’t want to eat it, so you don’t need to insist at this time. There are also many foods with high protein, which are difficult for cold patients to digest, such as eggs, so eat less when eating. After all, if you eat too much, cold patients will not necessarily absorb it.

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