Can you eat normally after controlling hyperglycemia during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, women are particularly prone to pregnancy diseases, such as pregnancy induced hypertension and gestational diabetes, so women should pay attention to blood pressure and blood sugar during pregnancy. Usually, when you have gestational diabetes, you must pay attention to the control of blood sugar. So, can you eat normally after controlling hyperglycemia during pregnancy?

After discovering hyperglycemia during pregnancy, women can’t eat normally even if they have been controlled. At this time, pregnant women need to choose low-sugar foods. For example, when eating fruit, you should choose kiwi fruit, grapefruit and other fruits. For fruits with high sugar content, such as Hami tubes and bananas, try not to eat them, so as not to cause blood sugar to rise.

When hyperglycemia occurs during pregnancy, it is necessary to control diet, so we should try our best to reduce sugar intake. If you are confirmed to have gestational diabetes, you should not only control your diet, but also take hypoglycemic drugs so that the hypoglycemic level can be kept within the normal range.

Gestational diabetes will not only affect the health of pregnant women, but also be harmful to fetuses. Some pregnant women have severe gestational diabetes, so insulin needs to be injected at this time, which has excellent hypoglycemic effect. In addition, when pregnant women suffer from gestational diabetes, they need to do more exercise, and don’t eat foods containing too much sugar, such as chocolate and cake.

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