Can you eat rock sugar to lose weight?

Many female friends like to drink mung bean soup, red bean soup and so on. They often like to add some rock sugar into the soup, which can make the taste of mung bean soup and red bean soup better. However, some female friends are losing weight and dare not eat rock sugar. So, can you eat rock sugar when losing weight?

You can eat rock candy to lose weight, but you can’t eat too much. Generally speaking, you can’t eat more than 10 grams of rock candy every day, otherwise you will get fat. Actually, the calorie of rock sugar is relatively high. If you want to add rock sugar to mung bean soup or red bean soup, it is recommended to put less rock sugar, otherwise it may lead to weight gain.

During weight loss, you can eat tomatoes, because tomatoes have sufficient moisture, low sugar content, low calorie and rich dietary fiber, so eating tomatoes can play a role in weight loss. However, besides the high content of vitamin C, tomatoes are not rich in other nutritional elements, so tomatoes should not be regarded as staple food, otherwise malnutrition will easily occur.

You can also eat apples during weight loss. Because apples are low in calories, sugar content and dietary fiber content, it is easy for female friends to feel full after eating apples, thus reducing the consumption of other foods. If a female friend wants to lose weight, eating apples is a good choice.

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