Can you eat water bamboo with acne on your face?

It is a headache for young people to suddenly grow acne on their faces, which will greatly affect their appearance and make them feel depressed at the same time. Effective measures must be taken to help relieve acne. Can you eat water bamboo?

You can’t eat water bamboo at this time, otherwise it will make acne more serious. You can choose to eat more foods containing zinc and vitamins to achieve effective acne removing effect. At the same time, you should cooperate with pure plant facial cleanser and help clean your face. For women, do not use make-up, and the temperature of face washing water should be strictly controlled, not too high or too low.

To help remove acne on the face, eat more foods containing vitamin A, which can help skin cells proliferate rapidly and promote the discharge of toxic substances. These ingredients include Flammulina velutipes, carrots, animal livers and milk, etc., and also eat more ingredients containing vitamin b2, such as fresh eggs and various green leafy vegetables.

During the treatment of acne, it is necessary to keep adequate sleep and not stay up late for a long time. Some people grow a lot of acne on their faces because they sleep very late every day, which makes the endocrine of the body disordered, resulting in imbalance between male and female hormones, which leads to the emergence of acne. Avoid eating cold and cold food, let alone greasy barbecue and fried food.

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