Can you eat yam just by caesarean section?

Many people have eaten yam, which is delicious and healthy food. If there are three highs, especially those who are overweight, and many middle-aged and elderly people who are often troubled by hyperglycemia and blood lipid, these people can eat more yam, which can reduce blood lipid and blood sugar, and can also assist in the treatment of diabetes. However, can you eat yam just after caesarean section?

Just after caesarean section, you can eat yam, which is rich in nutrition. Appropriate amount of yam can improve your immunity and promote wound recovery, which is good for women’s health. During the month, eat more foods containing protein, such as chicken soup and fish soup, which can promote breast secretion and regulate the body.

Yam contains a variety of substances, which is a food for invigorating the spleen and stomach, and has a strong feeling of satiety. It can also help women lose weight after childbirth and prevent postpartum constipation. There will be wounds during caesarean section, and the gastrointestinal function has not recovered, so it is easy to have constipation tendency. Special attention should be paid to the diet arrangement. You can drink some water at the beginning, and only eat a little after exhausting.

After caesarean section, the physical quality is weaker and it takes a lot of time to recover, so postpartum nourishment is particularly important. Women can drink some biochemical soup, which can help regulate uterine contraction, expel blood clots in the body, speed up lochia discharge, and at the same time help inner membrane repair and reduce pain.

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