Can you get pregnant during taking medicine for tuberculosis?

I believe most adults have a common sense, that is, when they are pregnant, they should not use drugs casually, so as to prevent any influence on the fetus in the belly. However, some people suddenly found themselves pregnant during the treatment of some diseases. For those who want children, they are definitely unwilling to abort immediately. So can tuberculosis be pregnant during taking medicine?

Whether pregnancy is necessary or not is mainly determined according to the patient’s physical condition during the treatment of tuberculosis. However, it is generally recommended not to have a baby, so as not to affect the healthy growth of the baby in the future. Because drugs for treating tuberculosis first have side effects, and if the tuberculosis itself is serious, it may be transmitted to children, so it is best not to be pregnant during the treatment period of tuberculosis.

Moreover, pulmonary tuberculosis lasts for a long time, and X-ray chest radiographs should be performed frequently during treatment, which is harmful to pregnant women and fetuses. Therefore, no matter from which aspect, pregnancy during illness is not good for mother and baby. Therefore, during the medication, contraceptive measures should be taken to avoid pregnancy. After the anti-tuberculosis treatment is completed and everything is normal after examination, normal pregnancy can be achieved.

If men rather than women are taking drugs to get tuberculosis, although men’s taking drugs has little effect on sperm, which may not lead to fetal malformation, it is not recommended to keep children from the perspective of eugenics, because all drugs will have a certain impact on the fetus. If you must stay, then for your baby’s health, you must do all kinds of examinations after pregnancy.

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