Can you get pregnant in the same room one week after the drug flow?

If a woman is pregnant by accident, she will choose to abort the child. Methods: Drug flow, induced abortion, etc. There are not many abortion methods that most women can choose, but drug abortion is more common. So will you get pregnant in the same room one week after the drug flow?

Drug abortion is the termination of pregnancy by anti-early pregnancy drugs, a remedy for accidental pregnancy, and a method of induced abortion. However, taking drugs will definitely affect women’s ovarian function and inhibit the normal ovarian function. Generally, it will return to normal after about 20 days of drug flow, and some people may be later. Sharing a room for one week will affect the normal recovery of uterus and increase the chance of uterine infection.

Generally speaking, women can have sex only after 30 days of drug flow, otherwise the harm of having sex too early is still very great. If women share the same room within one week, it will definitely lead to bacterial invasion and gynecological inflammation, so women should avoid this situation. At the same time, properly increase nutrition, pay attention to rest, and avoid sex life and bath within one month.

Women should pay attention to their personal hygiene after childbirth, especially keep their lower body clean and dry, and clean it with clear water every day. After abortion, women should have a good rest and avoid overwork. In terms of diet, women should pay attention to supplementing protein to enhance their own resistance, and should not eat greasy food to avoid physical discomfort.

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