Can you get pregnant when you have had an abortion for a month?

In fact, abortion is not a particularly big thing for many people now. Although it will do some harm to the body, abortion is a better way for most people who have no plans to have children. It is a manifestation of being responsible for themselves and the children. Do you get pregnant when you have an abortion for a month?

No matter how long has passed after abortion, as long as contraceptive measures are not done well, it is possible to get pregnant in the same room. Because one month after abortion, women’s bodies have basically recovered, so the ovaries will resume ovulation. Therefore, if there is no plan to give birth in a short time, it is suggested that contraception should be done when sharing a room.

Even if you have plans to have children one month after the abortion, it is not recommended to get pregnant so soon, because there will still be a great burden on the body. Therefore, if there is a plan to have children, it is better to prepare for pregnancy within six months to one year after abortion.

Although abortion is not a major operation, it will take time to recover. About half a year after abortion, the body has been fully nursed back to health, and pregnancy is better at this time.

In addition, if you get pregnant again immediately after abortion, the recovery of uterus may not be complete, and spontaneous abortion will easily occur.

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