Can you get pregnant when you have sex with people?

Abortion, that is, abortion. Many women will get pregnant unexpectedly because they don’t take contraceptive measures at ordinary times, so they will choose this method to deal with it. Some women have sex too early after abortion, so they are worried about it and are afraid of getting pregnant. Let’s take a look at whether they will get pregnant after abortion.

Women may be pregnant in the same room after abortion. Usually, the ovarian ovulation function will be restored about 20 days after abortion, and it can be restored as early as half a month. Therefore, even if menstruation does not recover after abortion, the same room may be pregnant.

Women undergoing abortion surgery will cause certain trauma to their bodies, and there will be wounds in the endometrium, which will take at least a month or so to be repaired. It is necessary to strictly avoid sharing a room within one month, otherwise it is easy to damage the endometrium, leading to endometritis, and even causing intrauterine adhesion or tubal adhesion and tubal blockage, and may even lead to infertility and ectopic pregnancy in the future.

After abortion, women should take good care according to the doctor’s advice, avoid sharing a room too early, so as to avoid the harm caused by accidental pregnancy, and do a good job of personal hygiene at ordinary times. The sanitary napkins used should be changed frequently to prevent infection, so as not to lead to gynecological inflammation and affect health.

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