Can you have a fever with mumps?

I believe many people have had mumps, which is a very common disease. After everyone gets sick once, they have antibodies in their bodies, so they won’t get sick again. Usually children suffer from mumps, and adults suffer from mumps less often. So, can you have a fever with mumps?

When suffering from mumps, it is likely to be accompanied by fever. Mumps is an infectious disease. After being infected by parotid virus, if there is no antibody in the body, it will cause mumps. Most mumps will not cause serious consequences.

After suffering from mumps, symptoms of parotid gland swelling will appear, and many patients’ body temperature will increase, usually with moderate fever. You can treat symptoms, such as taking drugs to clear away heat and toxic materials. When the fever is not very serious, physical cooling should be carried out, such as applying cold to the forehead and taking a warm bath.

Usually, when suffering from mumps, the most obvious symptom is the swelling of one or both earlobes, and there are also pain symptoms, such as obvious pain when opening mouth and chewing. Some people have severe fever when they are suffering from mumps, which may reach 39-40 degrees. In addition, if boys suffer from mumps, they need to be alert to orchitis, because mumps is likely to cause orchitis.

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