Can you have an operation on the day of abortion?

When some women are pregnant, they will have abortion. At this time, we need to find out the cause of abortion. Moreover, after abortion, care should be paid attention to. After abortion, women are weak, so they should stay in bed and supplement some nutrition as much as possible. So, can you have surgery on the day of abortion?

Whether a woman can have surgery on the day of abortion depends on what kind of surgery it is. Some women have incomplete abortion after abortion, which requires curettage. However, on the day of abortion, curettage is not appropriate. It should be a few days’ rest, and then curettage can be performed after the body recovers.

If a woman has some emergency during abortion, for example, accompanied by symptoms of massive bleeding, she needs to undergo surgery in time, which can avoid the occurrence of danger. Except for some urgent cases, if it is a chronic disease requiring surgery, such as uterine polyps, cervical cysts, etc., it is best to consider the problem of surgery after the body has fully recovered.

After abortion, women should pay attention to rest, preferably for half a month. Even if conditions don’t allow it, everyone should rest for at least a week. Pay attention to the hygiene of private parts after abortion, and clean them every day. In addition, during the recovery of the body, it is impossible to share a room, otherwise it will easily lead to infection and gynecological diseases.

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