Can you induce abortion in 38 days of pregnancy?

When female friends need to do abortion, it is best to do it as soon as possible. Because the longer you are pregnant, the greater the harm caused by abortion. Usually, before abortion, women should have an examination, such as electrocardiogram B, ultrasonography and coagulation function examination. So, can a woman induce abortion after 38 days of pregnancy?

When a woman is 38 days pregnant, whether she can have abortion or not needs to be determined according to the examination results. Before abortion, women should have a B-ultrasound examination to confirm intrauterine pregnancy. Because only intrauterine pregnancy, normal abortion can be performed, while ectopic pregnancy needs other treatment methods.

If you do B-ultrasound on the 38th day of pregnancy, you can find the pregnancy sac in the female uterus, and you can have abortion. If no gestational sac is found during the examination, not only abortion will be performed temporarily. Everyone needs to wait patiently for a few days, so they can go to the hospital for reexamination in a week.

If a woman is pregnant for a short time, the gestational sac will be very small, so it is difficult to pass the B-ultrasound examination. Usually, when a woman is pregnant for about 6 weeks, the gestational sac is slightly larger. At this time, the gestational sac can be found by B-ultrasound examination. If there is no pregnancy sac in the uterine cavity by the seventh week of pregnancy, we should be vigilant. This may be an ectopic pregnancy, so we need to check the attachment and fallopian tube area.

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