Can you keep fit with a mild cold?

Nowadays, for the sake of health, everyone has the habit of keeping fit. Rain or wind, rain or shine. But most of the fitness activities in the gym are some kind of high-intensity exercise. If you catch a cold, your health will be affected to some extent. So can you keep fit with a mild cold?

It is easy to make people tired when exercising, which will reduce the immune function of the human body and is not conducive to the recovery of colds, so it is not allowed to exercise, even if it is a slight cold. Moreover, during a cold, we should pay attention to drink plenty of water, rest and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, so that cold symptoms can be alleviated.

If the symptoms are serious, it is necessary to take cold medicine to help the treatment, which can effectively relieve nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat or fever caused by cold. If accompanied by bacterial infection, antibiotics should be actively used for anti-inflammatory treatment, and the effect is better. If you have a fever, it is not recommended to go to the gym for exercise. Exercise is easy to cause physical exertion.

Usually, if you have a mild cold, you can’t exercise. It’s not too late to cure the cold before exercising. If you exercise during a cold, you will probably get worse, because you will sweat after exercise and take a bath immediately after exercise, which will easily aggravate the cold, so exercise is not recommended. In the season when colds are prone to high incidence, we should guard against the occurrence of colds. In order to make the body resistant, we can add more protein such as eggs.

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