Can you keep it when you are pregnant and bleeding?

Most women are particularly worried about this stage of early pregnancy, mainly because the fetus is not particularly stable at this time, and if something happens, it will probably lead to abortion, so women who are pregnant at this stage will be particularly nervous. Therefore, if there is bleeding at the early stage of pregnancy, you will be particularly worried about not being able to keep your child, so can you still keep it when you are pregnant and bleeding?

It depends on the specific situation whether the fetus can be saved after bleeding after pregnancy. If the amount of bleeding is very small, it is very possible to save the fetus in time, but if the amount of bleeding is particularly large, it may not be saved. However, it should be noted that no matter the amount of bleeding, if there is bleeding after pregnancy, you must go to the hospital for examination immediately.

So why is there bleeding in early pregnancy?

First, it may be the phenomenon of threatened abortion. In the first three months of pregnancy, the embryo is still unstable and prone to miscarriage, so there is usually bleeding.

Second, it is probably caused by ectopic pregnancy. In fact, ectopic pregnancy is not a normal pregnancy, which means that the gestational sac may not be in the uterus. In this way, there is no way to develop normally, so there will be abnormal vaginal bleeding within one or two months of pregnancy.

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