Can you run with a slight cold?

Cold is a high incidence disease, which can be divided into many types. Although a cold usually does no great harm to your health, you should pay attention to nursing when you have a cold. If necessary, you should also take medicine, which can alleviate various adverse symptoms. So, can you run with a slight cold?

Running is very beneficial to health, and can enhance physical fitness and vital capacity. However, when people catch a cold, even if they have a slight cold, they are not suitable for running. After catching a cold, everyone should take more rest and not take strenuous exercise, so that the body can recover as soon as possible. If you are too tired, it is easy to get worse.

Generally, after running, people sweat a lot, which easily leads to water loss in the body, and when they have a cold, the body’s resistance decreases. If they sweat a lot and encounter cold wind, they will easily catch cold, which will aggravate their illness and may also cause some other complications, such as fever.

When you have a cold, you should have more rest, not strenuous exercise, and have enough sleep. If the symptoms of cold are serious, you should take cold medicine. Once the symptoms of fever appear, it is necessary to reduce the fever in time. When the fever is low, physical fever should be chosen. When reaching high fever, you need to take antipyretics or seek medical treatment.

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